Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fredericksburg... er... Llano

From Austin, we drove to Fredericksburg.  We drove around downtown and then looked for a hotel.  Without any luck.  Everything was full so we headed over to Llano.

There we went to dinner at Cooper's Old-Fashioned Pit Barbecue.  So there are rows of pit barbecues under the front porch.  You line up at the pit and point out what you want for dinner.  Then inside you can add cobbler or other sides.  Seating is family-style at long wooden picnic tables.  We walked right up to the pit, but they said earlier in the day it was a 90-minute wait!  Quite a unique place.  We took the cobbler back to our hotel and picked up ice cream on the way.

The next morning we took photos on the steel bridge over the Llano for a while, then tried to drive over to Enchanted rock.


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